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Can you name the titles and characters of C.S. Forester's Horatio Hornblower series?

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First published novelknown as 'Beat to Quarters' in the U.S.
Last published novelunfinished
First vessel hornblower served onwhere he was seasick at anchor
Hornblower's second commanding officernamesake of historic admiral
Hornblower's second shipvery prominant in the tv mini series
Number of years Hornblower wasa prisoner of the Spanishreleased due to historic rescue
Name of Hornblower's first commandlast full novel published in 1962
Name of Hornblower's closest frienda leiutentant when first introduced
Chivalrous order awarded to Hornblowerawarded in flying colors
Hornblower's mad South American Allybelieved himself to be God
Vessel Hornblower commanded when he defeated the Natividada ship half the size of the Natividad
Hornblower's first wifemarried out of pity
Hornblower's second wifesister to a famous duke
Number of children born to Horatioall to his first wife
Hornblower's favourite card gameearns his living during 'the crisis'
Man who promoted Hornblower to captainPromoted him upon his retirement
Loss of this ship lead to Hornblower's court marshal Surrendered off the coast of Spain
Hornblower's loyal stewardcould turn his hand to anything
languages Hornblower can speakthough not as well as he'd like
Hornblower's first command as a Captaina sixth rate ship
he was prone to this at the start of voyagesa trait he shared with Admiral Horatio Nelson
only book not written from Hornblower's point of view put on trail for mutiney
Hornblower's birthplaceson of a doctor
played by which actor in the tv miniseriesa welshman in real life
played by which actor in the 1951 filma combination of 3 novels
number of ships Hornblower has surrenderedboth off the spanish coast
Hornblower met which King (not regent) of England?his son became regent
his mortal enemy while a midshipmanthe two fought an unsuccessful duel
Cause of his first wives deaththe child survived
Fugitive on the run with Bush in what country?took six months to escape

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