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In 451, Attila the [blank] sacks the town of Metz and attacks other cities in Gaul.
In 1805, German composer Ludwig van Beethoven premiered his Third [blank], at the Theater an der Wien in Vienna.
In 1827, John Walker, an English chemist, sells the first friction [blank] that he had invented the previous year.
In 1829, Joseph Smith, founder of the Latter Day Saint movement, commences translation of the Book of [blank], with Oliver Cowdery as his scribe.
In 1906, Mount [blank] erupts and devastates Naples.
In 1927, the first long-distance public television was broadcasted (from Washington, D.C., to New York City, displaying the image of Commerce Secretary Herbert [blank]).
In 1946, Syria's independence from [blank] is officially recognised
In 1978, development of the [blank] bomb is canceled by President Jimmy Carter.
In 1994, massacres of Tutsis begin in Kigali, [blank].
In 1999, the World Trade Organization rules in favor of the United States in its long-running trade dispute with the European Union over [blank].
In 1891, Danish businessman Ole Kirk Christiansen was born. He was the founder of The [blank] Group.
In 1938, Jerry Brown was born. He is the current governor of [blank].
In 1954, Hong Kong martial artist, actor, stuntman, director, producer, and screenwriter [blank] was born.
March 7, AD 30 was the possible death date of [blank].
In 1891, P.T. Barnum died. He co-founded the Barnum and [blank] Circus.
In 2012, American news journalist Mike Wallace died. He was one of the original correspondents on [blank] Minutes.
April 7 is the Christian feast day of Blessed Notker the Stammerer. Name one of the top 3 synonyms on Google for 'stammer'
April 7 is Flag Day in the European country of [blank].
April 7 is National [blank] Day in the United States.
April 7 is internationally observed as World [blank] Day.

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