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Yeah, that would be (6)Ron Weasley
Don't crowd the (2)Ron Weasley
Now two people (4)Voldemort
Yes kill Harry Potter! Woah (3)Voldemort
I can taste it! It tastes like (2)Voldemort
Beautiful? More like (1)Harry Potter
Not, not over a (1)Draco Malfoy
And don't suggest a giant slide or a trampoline because (4)Voldemort
That is so embarrasing! That's (5)Voldemort
Thanks, (1)Just about everyone
That's (1)Snape and Lupin
What (2)Snape
Did you get (2)Umbridge
Quote BeginingQuote FinishSpoken by:
Well you didn't (3)Umbridge
Hufflepuffs are particularly (2) Cedric Diggory
Its gonna be (2)Everyone
Did somebody say (1)Ron Weasley
No! Me! Your (1)Umbridge
Who dis--------- ______?! (2)Umbridge
I am woman, (3)Umbridge
You're a ____-___ cause you've got a trumpety___Lupin
Who looks stupid now? (2)Lupin
I am a ______, I despise________ and ______, I hate ______ ______ and my parents work for the man who killed your parents. Do you want to be my friend? (5)Draco Malfoy
Kiss the planet goodbye? Having second thoughts about (3)Draco Malfoy
I don't know he was here when I got here. I think (2)Harry Potter

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