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Can you name the Dr Who episodes from the Hints provided

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The Doctor goes to Wales to help a group of hippies take down Global Chemicals
The Doctor participates in a murder mystery with Agatha Chrisite
The newly regenerated Doctor strangles his companion
The Doctor witnesses the creation of the Daleks
The first death of a long-term companion
The Doctor is in a dream within a dream etc...
The Doctor and his mother-in-law go to see a famous artist
The first time the audience saw another timelord (other than the doctor and susan)
Entropy almost destroys the entire universe due to the Master
The Doctor witnesses the Earth Die (for the first time)
The Doctor calls himself Dokter von Wer
A pig in a spaceship crashes into Big Ben
The Doctor Lights the Olympic Flame
The Doctor Regenerates for the first time
The Doctor destroys an enemy using Fondant Surprise
The Doctor is caught in a interplanetary boat race
We see the sonic screwdriver for the first time
The planet of Gallifrey is first mentioned
The first time the Doctor goes by the alias 'John Smith'
The Doctor and crew land on a hospital ship that caused the creation of the Universe
The Master's plan is thwarted on the eve of the new Millenium
The Doctor travels to a Timelord prison planet to stop the release of Salyavin
The Doctor finds himself on the TARDIS with H.G. Wells
We see the first Timelord other than the Doctor Regenerate
The Doctor witnesses the Earth Die (for the second time)
The Doctor (almost) fixes the Chameleon Circuit
The Doctor and the Master almost turn into Cheetah-humans
The Doctor travels by bus to another planet instead of the TARDIS
On a submarine full of Russians, the Doctor has to help defeat a Martian Invader
The Doctor lands in Atlantis and stops an evil scientist blowing up earth

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