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QUIZ: Can you name the Can you get all of the trivia from the movie I Am Number 4?

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The name Number 4 goes by.
What state does he move to after leaving Florida?
What is Sarah's last name?
What does she like to do?
He plays football, is the sheriff's son, and is sarah's ex. What's his name?
This character is the school outcast and is the first to of number 4's friends to find out what he is.
The planet Number 4 is from.
What is the number of the girl who shows up to help number 4?
HintThe Answer
The type of 'dog' Number 4 finds at his new house.
Who's arm almost gets broken at the fair?
Who is Number 4's guardian?
What is the name of Sam's dad?
These two characters kiss after the fair.
What are the characters trying to kill number 4 called?
Where does Mark tell his dad number 4 is heading?
What does Number 4 promise Sarah before he leaves?

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