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Yu-Gi-Oh GX Trivia quiz, what are the answers to these questions?

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Who was the leader of the Society of Light?
What is Jaden's first name in the Japanese version of Yu-Gi-Oh GX?
What is the name of the cat that houses the spirit of Professor Banner?
After the series 3, Jaden's eyes sometimes became two different colours. One of his eyes would turn red and the other would become....?
What is the card that Zane told Syrus he was unfit to use? (Hint: it is a spell card)
Which fusion monster did Jaden use in the first episode to beat Dr. Crowler?
What is the name of Bastion's dorm?
Jesse Anderson entered GX as an exchange student in series 3, but which academy did he transfer from?
Who does Jaden duel in the very last episode of Yu-Gi-Oh GX?
Which monster does Chazz view the duel spirit of regularly?
What was the name of the Amazoness woman that Bastion dueled in the first series?
What kind of sauce did Chumley's father make?
What is the name of the tag team pair that Syrus and Jaden must beat in a duel in order to stay on at the academy after being found at the abandoned dorm?

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