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Can you name all of the Slytherins mentioned in Harry Potter?

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HintSlytherin Member
Death Eater, has a sister who temporarily taught Muggle Studies
Knocked unconscious after Rubeus Hagrid slammed him into a wall during the Battle of Hogwarts, tried to execute a certain Hippogriff
Pureblood, can see Thestrals but finds them distasteful
Owner of the Horcrux ring, lived a shack, spent 6 months in Azkaban.
Shares a name with the woman who took the Dursleys from their home, member of the Slug Club, has a twin sister
Captain of the Quidditch team for a few years
Younger brother of a Gryffindor, Slytherin Seeker, died trying to defeat Voldemort
Impersonated by Harry Potter in 1998, did not get along with Arthur Weasley
Commonly used as a swear, seems to be a wizard version of God
Has a portrait in Grimmauld Place, married to Orion, has two sons and three nieces - one of which is a Metamorphmagus
Loves kittens, frills and pink, uses Blood Quills in detention
Participated in the murder of the McKinnons during the First Wizarding War. Participated in the Battle of the Seven Potters and intimidated employees of Gringotts bank during the S
Hateful Daily Prophet reporter, ruins reputations, can transform into a beetle
Son of Draco Malfoy and Astoria Greengrass
Halfblood, born 1979 or 1980, only mentioned in the drafts, Pottermore and Harry Potter and Me
Wife of a Muggleborn, mother-in-Law to a werewolf, mother to a Metamorphmagus
Death Eater, killed by Mad-Eye in 1981, blasted a chunk of Mad-Eye's nose off
Death Eater, brother previously taught DADA (or just the Dark Arts)
Has an older sister from Pansy's gang, wife of a Malfoy
Murdered Helena Ravenclaw, whom he loved, before killing himself
Headmaster of a school in Bulgaria, previous student include Viktor Krum and Gellert Grindelwald
Strangled himself, betrayed two parents of a famous boy, framed another for the crime
Was the last to be sorted in the first book, has dark skin, many fanfics about him and Ginny Weasley.
Skilled at Potions, told Voldemort about Horcruxes
Killed Lily and James Potter, scarred Harry
Broke a Vanishing Cabinet when Fred and George shoved him/her into it when he/she tried to dock points from them in 1995
HintSlytherin Member
Husband of a who was previously a Black, uncle-in-Law to a Metamorphmagus
Owns a cat, strangled Hermione in the Duelling Club in his/her second year
Tried to sell Harry to Voldemort, loves Draco Malfoy
His best friend burnt to death in the Room of Requirement but he survived the battle
Imperiused Pius Thicknesse, was defeated by George Weasley and Lee Jordan on May 2nd
Skilled at Potions, half-blood, killed by Nagini on May 2nd, Professor
Lied to Voldemort to spare Harry's life
Skilled at Potions, founder of the House
Spent a short period as a ferret, calls Muggleborns Mudbloods, usually flanked by two other boys.
Big and blonde, attacked the Golden Trio in the Muggle coffee shop
Death Eater, attacked the Golden Trio in the Muggle coffee shop
Became Slytherin Seeker in 1993, reported to the hospital wing in 1995 with a horrible skin complaint that made him look as though he had been coated in cornflakes
Defeated by Aberforth on May 2nd, previously an Unspeakable, caught feeding Voldemort info from inside the Ministry
Has a younger sister also in Slytherin, last name connected to nature, a member of Pansy's gang
Member of the Slug Club along with her twin sister, stood behind Pansy when she tried to sell Harry to the Voldemort on May 2nd
Werewolf, not in the Inner Circle but he tries to hide this fact, enjoys the taste of human flesh
Cousin and killer of Sirius Black
Child of Marvolo Gaunt, spent 3 years in Azkaban
Mother of Lord Voldemort, daughter of Marvolo Gaunt
Seeker in Harry's first year
Great great grandfather of Sirius, most hated Hogwarts Headmaster ever
President of the Gobstones Club in her time, mother of Severus
Chaser for a few years, born 1977, portrayed by Scot Fearn
Burned to death in the Room of Requirement on May 2nd
During a practical examination, for their O.W.L.s, she was not called to take her test. She would usually appear after the Patil twins but before Harry Potter.

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