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Name MeaningNameOrigin
Warlike (Unisex)Latin/Italian/French/Spanish
Princess (Female)Herbrew/English
Father of Nations (Male)Hebrew/English
Courteous (Male)Latin
Healer (Male)Greek
Sword (Female)Scandinavian
To Strive or Excel or Rival (Female)Latin/French/English
Youthful (Unisex)Latin/French/English
God is my Judge (Unisex)Hebrew
Ewe (Female)Hebrew/French/Spanish
From the Beaver Stream (Female)English
Joy of the Father (Female)Hebrew/English
A Twin (Male)Greek
Bee (Female)Hebrew/Greek
Fair Phantom or White Wave (Female)English
Wisdom (Female)Greek/Russia/Scandinavian/Spanish
Bright-Headed (Unisex)Irish
Pearl (Female)English/Welsh/German/French
Name MeaningNameOrigin
Candle Maker (Male)English
Bent Nose (Unisex)Scottish
From Brittain (Female)English
Prince (Male)Irish
Wolf Lover (Male)Irish
Lover of Horses (Male)Greek
Elf Army (Unisex)English
Hollow (Unisex)Irish
Born on Christmas Day (Female)French/Italian/Russian
Crown (Unisex)Greek/French
Son of my Right Hand (Male)Hebrew/English
World Leader (Male)Scottish/Irish
Stranger (Female)Latin/Greek
Tile Maker (Male)English
Ireland (Female)Irish
Little Fire (Male)Irish
Bailiff/Steward/Assistant (Unisex)English/German/Scottish

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