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Can you name all the MotoGP Race Winners from the last 13 years?

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Country and YearName of race winnerNationality
2004 South Africa GP (Phasika)ITA
2004 Spanish GP (Jerez)SPA
2004 French GP (Le Mans)SPA
2004 Italian GP (Mugello)ITA
2004 Catalan GP (Circuit de Catalunya)ITA
2004 Dutch TT (Assen)ITA
2004 Brazilian GP (Nelson Piquet Circuit)JPN
2004 German GP (Sachsenring)ITA
2004 British GP (Donington)ITA
2004 Czech Republic GP (Brno)SPA
2004 Portuguese GP (Estoril)ITA
2004 Japanese GP (Motegi)JPN
2004 Qatari GP (Losail)SPA
2004 Malaysian GP (Sepang)ITA
2004 Australian GP (Phillip Island)ITA
2004 Valencian GP (Ricardo Tormo Circuit)ITA
2005 Spanish GP (Jerez)ITA
2005 Portuguese GP (Estoril)BRA
2005 Chinese GP (Shanghai)ITA
2005 French GP (Le Mans)ITA
2005 Italian GP (Mugello)ITA
2005 Catalan GP (Circuit de Catalunya)ITA
2005 Dutch TT (Assen)ITA
2005 USA GP (Laguna Seca)USA
2005 British GP (Donington)ITA
2005 German GP (Sachsenring)USA
2005 Czech Republic GP (Brno)ITA
2005 Japanese GP (Motegi)ITA
2005 Malaysian GP (Sepang)ITA
2005 Qatari GP (Losail)ITA
2005 Australian GP (Phillip Island)ITA
2005 Turkish GP (Istanbul)ITA
2005 Valencian GP (Ricardo Tormo Circuit)ITA
2006 Spanish GP (Jerez)ITA
2006 Qatari GP (Losail)ITA
2006 Turkish GP (Istanbul)ITA
2006 Chinese GP (Shanghai)SPA
2006 French GP (Le Mans)ITA
2006 Italian GP (Mugello)ITA
2006 Catalan GP (Circuit de Catalunya)ITA
2006 Dutch TT (Assen)USA
2006 British GP (Donington)SPA
2006 German GP (Sachsenring)ITA
2006 USA GP (Laguna Seca)USA
2006 Czech Republic (Brno)ITA
2006 Malaysian GP (Sepang)ITA
2006 Australian GP (Phillip Island)ITA
2006 Japanese GP (Motegi)ITA
2006 Portuguese GP (Estoril)SPA
2006 Valencian GP (Ricardo Tormo Circuit) AUS
2007 Qatari GP (Losail)AUS
2007 Spanish GP (Jerez)ITA
2007 Turkish GP (Istanbul)AUS
2007 Chinese GP (Shanghai)AUS
2007 French GP (Le Mans)AUS
2007 Italian GP (Mugello)ITA
2007 Catalan GP (Circuit de Catalunya)AUS
2007 British GP (Donington)AUS
2007 Dutch TT (Assen)ITA
2007 German GP (Sachsenring)SPA
2007 USA GP (Laguna Seca)AUS
2007 Czech Republic GP (Brno)AUS
2007 San Marino GP (Misano World Circuit)AUS
2007 Portuguese GP (Estoril)ITA
2007 Japanese GP (Motegi)ITA
2007 Australian GP (Phillip Island)AUS
2007 Malaysian GP (Sepang)AUS
2007 Valencian GP (Ricardo Tormo Circuit)SPA
2008 Qatari GP (Losail)AUS
2008 Spanish GP (Jerez)SPA
2008 Portuguese GP (Estoril)SPA
2008 Chinese GP (Shanghai)ITA
2008 French GP (Le Mans)ITA
2008 Italian GP (Mugello)ITA
2008 Catalan GP (Circuit de Catalunya)SPA
2008 British GP (Donington)AUS
2008 Dutch TT (Assen)AUS
2008 German GP (Sachsenring)AUS
2008 USA GP (Laguna Seca)ITA
2008 Czech Republic (Brno)ITA
2008 San Marino GP (Misano World Circuit)ITA
2008 Indianapolis GP (Indianapolis Motor Speedway)ITA
2008 Japanese GP (Motegi)ITA
Country and YearName of race winnerNationality
2008 Australian GP (Phillip Island)AUS
2008 Malaysian GP (Sepang)ITA
2008 Valencian GP (Ricardo Tormo Circuit)AUS
2009 Qatari GP (Losail)AUS
2009 Japanese GP (Motegi)SPA
2009 Spanish GP (Jerez)ITA
2009 French GP (Le Mans)SPA
2009 Italian GP (Mugello)AUS
2009 Catalan GP (Circuit de Catalunya)ITA
2009 Dutch TT (Assen)ITA
2009 USA GP (Laguna Seca)SPA
2009 German GP (Sachsenring)ITA
2009 British GP (Donington)ITA
2009 Czech Republic (Brno)ITA
2009 Indianapolis GP (Indianapolis Motor Speedway)SPA
2009 San Marino GP (Misano World Circuit)ITA
2009 Portuguese GP (Estoril)SPA
2009 Australian GP (Phillip Island)AUS
2009 Malaysian GP (Sepang)AUS
2009 Valencian GP (Ricardo Tormo Circuit)SPA
2010 Qatari GP (Losail)ITA
2010 Spanish GP (Jerez)SPA
2010 French GP (Le Mans)SPA
2010 Italian GP (Mugello)SPA
2010 British GP (Silverstone)SPA
2010 Dutch TT (Assen)SPA
2010 Catalan GP (Circuit de Catalunya)SPA
2010 German GP (Sachsenring)SPA
2010 USA GP (Laguna Seca)SPA
2010 Czech Republic GP (Brno)SPA
2010 Indianapolis GP (Indianapolis Motor Speedway)SPA
2010 San Marino GP (Misano World Circuit)SPA
2010 Aragon GP (MotorLand Aragon)AUS
2010 Japanese GP (Motegi)AUS
2010 Malaysian GP (Sepang)ITA
2010 Australian GP (Phillip Island)AUS
2010 Portuguese GP (Estoril)SPA
2010 Valencian GP (Ricardo Tormo Circuit)SPA
2011 Qatari GP (Losail)AUS
2011 Spanish GP (Jerez)SPA
2011 Portuguese GP (Estoril)SPA
2011 French GP (Le Mans)AUS
2011 Catalan GP (Circuit de Catalunya)AUS
2011 British GP (Silverstone)AUS
2011 Dutch TT (Assen)USA
2011 Italian GP (Mugello)SPA
2011 German GP (Sachsenring)SPA
2011 USA GP (Laguna Seca)AUS
2011 Czech Republic GP (Brno)AUS
2011 Indianapolis GP (Indianapolis Motor Speedway)AUS
2011 San Marino GP (Misano World Circuit)SPA
2011 Aragon GP (MotorLand Aragon)AUS
2011 Japanese GP (Motegi)SPA
2011 Australian GP (Phillip Island)AUS
2011 Malaysian GP* (Sepang - RED FLAGGED AFTER 4 LAPS)SPA
2011 Valencian GP (Ricardo Tormo Circuit)AUS
2012 Qatari GP (Losail)SPA
2012 Spanish GP (Jerez)AUS
2012 Portuguese GP (Estoril)AUS
2012 French GP (Le Mans)SPA
2012 Catalan GP (Circuit de Catalunya)SPA
2012 British GP (Silverstone)SPA
2012 Dutch TT (Assen)AUS
2012 German GP (Sachsenring)SPA
2012 Italian GP (Mugello)SPA
2012 USA GP (Laguna Seca)AUS
2012 Indianapolis (Indianapolis Motor Speedway)SPA
2012 Czech Republic GP (Brno)SPA
2012 San Marino GP (Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli)SPA
2012 Aragon GP (MotorLand Aragon)SPA
2012 Japanese GP (Motegi)SPA
2012 Malaysian GP (Sepang)SPA
2012 Australian GP (Phillip Island)AUS
2012 Valencian GP (Ricardo Tormo Circuit)SPA
2013 Qatari GP (Losail)SPA
2013 Americas GP (COTA)SPA
2013 Spanish GP (Jerez)SPA
2013 French GP (Le Mans)SPA
2013 Italian GP (Mugello)SPA
2013 Catalan GP (Circuit de Catalunya)SPA
2013 Dutch TT (Assen)ITA
2013 German GP (Sachsenring)SPA
2013 USA GP (Laguna Seca)SPA
Country and YearName of race winnerNationality
2013 Indianapolis GP (Indianapolis Motor Speedway)SPA
2013 Czech Republic GP (Brno)SPA
2013 British GP (Silverstone)SPA
2013 San Marino GP (Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli)SPA
2013 Aragon GP (MotorLand Arargon)SPA
2013 Malaysian GP (Sepang)SPA
2013 Australian GP (Phillip Island)SPA
2013 Japanese GP (Motegi)SPA
2013 Valencian GP (Ricardo Tormo Circuit)SPA
2014 Qatari GP (Losail)SPA
2014 Americas GP (COTA)SPA
2014 Argentinian GP (Autodromo Termas de Rio Hondo)SPA
2014 Spanish GP (Jerez)SPA
2014 French GP (Le Mans)SPA
2014 Italian GP (Mugello)SPA
2014 Catalan GP (Circuit de Catalunya)SPA
2014 Dutch TT (Assen)SPA
2014 German GP (Sachsenring)SPA
2014 USA GP (Indianapolis Motor Speedway)SPA
2014 Czech Republic GP (Brno)SPA
2014 British GP (Silverstone)SPA
2014 San Marino GP (Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli)ITA
2014 Aragon GP (MotorLand Aragon)SPA
2014 Japanese GP (Motegi)SPA
2014 Australian GP (Phillip Island)ITA
2014 Malaysian GP (Sepang)SPA
2014 Valencian GP (Ricardo Tormo Circuit)SPA
2015 Qatari GP (Losail)ITA
2015 Americas GP (COTA)SPA
2015 Argentinian GP (Autodromo Termas de Rio Hondo)ITA
2015 Spanish GP (Jerez)SPA
2015 French GP (Le Mans)SPA
2015 Italian GP (Mugello)SPA
2015 Catalan GP (Circuit de Catalunya)SPA
2015 Dutch TT (Assen)ITA
2015 German GP (Sachsenring)SPA
2015 USA GP (Indianapolis Motor Speedway)SPA
2015 Czech Republic GP (Brno) SPA
2015 British GP (Silverstone)ITA
2015 San Marino GP (Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli)SPA
2015 Aragon GP (MotorLand Aragon)SPA
2015 Japanese GP (Motegi)SPA
2015 Australian GP (Phillip Island)SPA
2015 Malaysian GP (Sepang)SPA
2015 Valencian GP (Ricardo Tormo Circuit)SPA
2016 Qatari GP (Losail)SPA
2016 Argentinian GP (Autodromo Termas de Rio Hondo)SPA
2016 Americas GP (COTA)SPA
2016 Spanish GP (Jerez)ITA
2016 French GP (Le Mans)SPA
2016 Italian GP (Mugello)SPA
2016 Catalan GP (Circuit de Catalunya)ITA
2016 Dutch TT (Assen)AUS
2016 German GP (Sachsenring)SPA
2016 Austrian GP (Spielberg)ITA
2016 Czech Republic GP (Brno)GBR
2016 British GP (Silverstone)SPA
2016 San Marino GP (Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli)SPA
2016 Aragon GP (MotorLand Aragon)SPA
2016 Japanese GP (Motegi)SPA
2016 Australian GP (Phillip Island)GBR
2016 Malaysian GP (Sepang)ITA
2016 Valencian GP (Ricardo Tormo Circuit)SPA
2017 Qatari GP (Losail)SPA
2017 Argentinian GP (Autodromo Termas De Rio Hondo)SPA
2017 Americas GP (COTA)SPA
2017 Spanish GP (Jerez)SPA
2017 French GP (Le Mans)SPA
2017 Italian GP (Mugello)ITA
2017 Catalan GP (Circuit de Catalunya)ITA
2017 Dutch TT (Assen)ITA
2017 German GP (Sachsenring)SPA
2017 Czech GP (Brno)SPA
2017 Austrian GP (Spielberg)ITA
2017 British GP (Silverstone)ITA
2017 San Marino GP (Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli)SPA
2017 Aragon GP (MotorLand Aragon)SPA
2017 Japanese GP (Motegi)ITA
2017 Australian GP (Phillip Island)SPA
2017 Malaysian GP (Sepang)ITA
2017 Valencian GP (Ricardo Tormo Circuit)SPA
2018 Qatari GP (Losail)ITA

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