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Distinctive language demonstrated by adults sing-songy communication with infants
Learning by reinforcement
Avoids both stranger and mother
Multiple attachments
Mother used as secure base, seperation anxiety
Recognising another animal, person, or thing as a parent
Babies coordinate their actions in time with adult speech
Infants need 1 special attachment relationships
Learning by association
Describes how 2 people interact
Skin to skin contact directly after birth
Young infants copying adults facial expressions
An emotional bond between 2 people in which each seeks closeness and feels more secure
A place dedicated to a task, such as looking after children
Lack of an attachment bond
Continued separation from main caregiver
Ambivalent, remains close to mother, resists stranger
Lack of affection, inability to form relationships
Socialable towards anyone
Strong attachment to 1 individual
No preference for particular person
When a parent responds appropriately to the child's signals
If attachment doesn't occur before 1 it would not happen
Caregiver-infant interaction relationship sets pattern for future relationships
Children learn to become attached to their caregiver because they give them food

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