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Kyle's First Car
Place where Adam had his first beer
Place where Adam smoked first Cigar
Animal Pat's prom date resembled
Adam and Eric's Favorite European City
Eric's Favorite TV show
Adam's Favorite TV show
The age at which pat got cable
The Singer that Mark hoped Bethany like in PEI
Pat's Favorite Sub Show
Best game played in Mark/Erics Neighborhood
Most popular pool game at Adams house
Person who saw real boobs at the youngest age
Make of Pat's first car
Who Threw up after 20 minutes into a power hour
Ugliest Girl Pat almost got pregnant
Person who farted and said 'Hello I am here.'
Thing that makes eric throw up instantly
Most unreasonable parent in the group
Parent with the most cutoff jean shorts
First Name of Pat's first son
Eric's GPA during the semester he pleged
What eric breaks more than anyone in the world
Loudest snorer in the group
Place where kyle threw up on erics shirt
Most likely to have to be home for dinner
Amount of times Kyle passed our right before touching Katie Renzi's tits
Place where Eric got bukkaked
Most important item used in protecting a tv at Pats
Most memorable line from a porno watched together
The type of penis pat has
Kyle's first kiss
Adam's first kiss
Pat's first kiss
Eric's first kiss
Mark's first kiss
Kyle's confirmation name
Number of girls eric has eiffeled
Number of cars Adam has owned
Town where Eric totalled the purple bomber
Pat and Adam's preschool
Adam was accused of giving Amy this disease
One thing you MUST close at kyles house
Pat's favorite meal
Accent adam has been faking to meet girls
Real name of the snack called Orgasms
Mark was the first to grow what
Color of Liz's vibrator that Mr. Pengel thought eric was using
Adam, Pat and Mark got in trouble for throwing peaches into what
Why we can't beep in PEI according to eric
What was the mascot for the Little league team Mr. T started in the Sharon League
Eric's ugliest girlfriend
Marks Dream boat
Who Eric punched in the head in Adams pool
The nickname for Kyle's Car
Biggest sign stolen by any of the 9ers read:
Which of Kyle's girlfriends dented his car
Which bed have the most 9ers had sex on
Who threw up in his bed and slept in it after the Beer Olympics
What did Adam and Pat want to be when they grew up

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