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Can you name the all of the stats for the 9'ers??

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Pat's middle name
Eric's middle name
Kyle's middle name
Adam's middle name
Mark's middle name
Pats Mom's nickname
Erics Dad
Erics Mom
Marks dogs
Kyle's Brothers
Adam's Old Address
Number of Snowmobiles Pats Grand parents have
Name for Erics biceps
Mrs Toomeys nickname for Mark
Number 1 Thing to Use at Kyles House
Angriest Person in Eric's House
Ugliest Girl Adam Ever hooked up with
Best Fungo Golfer
Best Fisher
Best Student
Best at hiding his African Heritage
Best at having a gf who is married
# of years old Pat's phone is
# of girls allowed in Pats freshmen Dorm
Number of attractive girls eric has slept with
Bar Stool smokin hottie of the Day that Pay ****
Transmissions ruined by Eric
Video game most played by this group
Game most Played by this group
Line used by Eric to get first BJ
Kyle's reasoning for dating Joanna
What pat does to food
What food goes right through Pat
What Adam gave a girl a couple weeks ago
Most popular car within the group
Name of Eric's first car
Girl's hooked up with by atleast 3 people in the group
Girl's hooked up with by atleast 3 people in the groupy everyone in the group
Girl's hooked up with by atleast 3 people in the group

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