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QUIZ: Can you name the That 70's Show Trivia?

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What is Donna's sister's name?
What was the name of Donna's cat that eric ran over?
What is Jessica Simpson's name in the show?
Red Forman's favorite word?
What type of birds does Fez kill on the guys' hunting trip?
What 2 items does Fez use to kill the birds?
What is the name of the private school that Donna has to go to?
What subject is Eric failng in the Thanksgiving episode in the 4th season?
What type of car does Casey Kelso drive?
What is the name of Fez's landlord?
Where do the guys travel to in order to buy beer?
What concert does Donna win 2 tickets to?
What does Kelso always fall off of?
Where does Kelso move to?
What is their high school mascot?
What does Kelso guess Todd's (Cheese Palace Guy) nickname is?
What does Kelso always 'hurt' when fighting with Hyde?
What does Kelso get tricked into drinking a lot of when trying to win the van?
What is the mask that Eric wears when he streaks at the President's rally?
What was in the big brown bag when Hyde and Leo get pulled over by the cop?
What type of beer do you usually find Red drinking?
What does Kelso get his hand stuck in at Jackie's cabin?
What is Donna's boss' air name?
What is Donna's air name?
A CAR THAT RUNS ON _____!!!!!!
What does Kelso end up modeling?
In the 8th and worst season what does the gang steal for fun at a local restaurant?
What does Fez love to eat?
What 2 people does Fez end up living with? (seperately)
What is Bob buying 14 boxes of when he meets Joanne?

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