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LyricSong Title
I race for your love, shake and bake, Ricky Bobby
Baby you my everything, you all I ever wanted. We can do it real big, bigger than you've ever done it.
I am on a 24 hour champagne, spilling while I'm sipping I encourage you to try it.
Charge it to the game I bill myself, and I don't feel ya'll but I feel myself.
It may not mean nothing to ya'll, but understand nothing was done for me.
All a ya'll are beautiful, but I just can't pick one you can never say I'm choosy bro.
Look at where I landed, you would think I planned it, I'm just doing me and you can never understand it.
LyricSong Title
Life is a beach I'm jus playin in the sand
I swear the last few nights we been everywhere and back, but I just can't remember it all.
I just want the money, money and the cars, cars and the clothes.
The square root of 69 is 8 something, right? Cause I've been trying to work it out.
Smart kids that smoke weed, honor roll.
Got money on my mind I can never get enough, and ever time I step up in teh building, everybody's hands go up... and they stay there.
I'm in the city of the purple sprites, somone tell Meliah I'm on fire she should work tonight

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