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Can you name the things in California that begin with A-Z?

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Former prison known as The RockA
'60s pop band known for harmony, fast cars, and surfingB
Iconic public transportation on the hills of San FranciscoC
Location of highest temperatures and lowest elevationD
Primary landing site for early Space Shuttle missionsE
Johnny Cash sang about its BluesF
Garlic capital of CaliforniaG
Inspiration for Citizen Kane's XanaduH
City that's home to Orange County's campus of the University of CaliforniaI
NASA research center near PasadenaJ
Home of the San Francisco 49ers before Candlestick ParkK
Danish toy park in San Diego's North CountyL
Desert lake east of the Sierra Nevada, famous for tufa formationsM
Only US president to resign from officeN
Heavy rains in 2017 severely damaged its spillwayO
Famous WWII military leader born in San GabrielP
Retired ocean liner berthed in Long BeachQ
Tall trees on the north coastR
Often host of the Breeder's Cup races in ArcadiaS
Nickname of university south of downtown Los AngelesT
Opened as a film-based theme park in 1964U
Southern California town that's host of Muscle BeachV
Entertainers get their own stars hereW
Ansel Adams took a lot of pictures hereY
Movie nobleman who uses his sword to fight for the common man in early Los AngelesZ

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