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Can you name the UCLA Cru Fam-Bam?

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Forced Order
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has 12 disciples
he is abnormally talented
aka mom
soccer stud
newest exhibition at the getty
first year transfer
will bake you cookies, do your laundry, swipe you in, clean your room, sing you a song an octave higher, and would live at disneyland if he could
miss texas teen
don't say it, sing it
his name is Jonathan, but you don't know that
a perfect combination of Sprite, cranberry juice, orange juice, and lemonade
most likely to save your life
juan libro
mr. iphone bible app inventor
the ultimate tutor
7th year super senior
takes the wind out of you with her killler hugs
'...and he lived happily ever after'
hits notes so high only dogs can hear them
fought a car and won...kinda
dances it up with Joe Bruin

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