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Peninsula Arabia is located on. 
Bordered by the (sea) 
Bordered by the (gulf) 
Bordered by the (sea) 
Bordered by the (desert) 
These people lived in the area. 
Born in the city of 
Earned a living as a 
At the age of 40, he was reported to have been visited by this angel 
He was told he was to be a 
[BLANK] in Mecca were against Muhammad 
These people made lots of money in [BLANK] worship 
Muhammad & followers went to 
Muhammad Pt. 2
This journey was called 
[BLANK] begin to accept his message 
He gained [BLANK] in greater numbers 
Muhammad & followers return to 
Idols are [BLANK] 
[BLANK] becomes the most holy Islamic site 
The new religion is called what? 
The Faith of Islam
The central belief is that there is [BLANK] 
Islam means what? 
A follower of Islam is called what? 
The holy book of Islam is called what? 
The 5 basic acts of a Muslim are called what? 
A holy war is called what? 
What do Muslims worship in? 

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