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Can you name the song titles to these pop number one hits?

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Scrambled TitleTitleArtist
Vore and Evor [2004]
Tle Me Vleo Uoy [2005]
Ayld Rldmamaea [2001]
Rtpya ni teh U.S.A. [2009]
Esol Ryeousfl [2002]
Unr Ti [2005]
Gislne Aidles (Tpu a Rngi on Ti) [2009]
Aleev (Egt Out) [2004]
Rcicus [2009]
Goaepzoli [2007]
Scrambled TitleTitleArtist
Eht Orsane [2004]
Sakeh Ti Fof [2005]
Eibtuaufl [2003]
Dsitrbuai [2008]
Ti's Ngnao Be Em [2000]
Oitxc [2004]
Lenvia' [2008]
Ehy Ya [2003]
Teh Awy I Rae [2007]
Wlo [2008]

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