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Can you name the Endemic mammals by country 4?

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Species or SubspeciesCountryScientific Name
Red WolfCanis rufus
Andean SquirrelSciurus pucheranii
Yellow-tailed Woolly MonkeyOreonax flavicauda
Rothschild's PorcupineCoendou rothschildi
Occidental GerbilGerbillus occiduus
Asiatic LionPanthera leo persica
Gozitan ShrewCrocidura sicula calypso
Jeju Striped Field MouseApodemus chejuensis
Western Long-beaked EchidnaZaglossus bruijni
Common WombatVombatus ursinus
TanukiNyctereutes procyonoides viverrinus
Giant Sable AntelopeHippotragus niger variani
Species or SubspeciesCountryScientific Name
Peary CaribouRangifer tarandus pearyi
Cape Mountain ZebraEquus zebra zebra
Baikal SealPusa sibirica
FossaCryptoprocta ferox
Black CapuchinCebus nigritus
Chartreuse ChamoisRupicapra rupicapra cartusiana
Visayan Warty PigSus cebifrons
Pygmy OpossumGracilinanus formosus
Przewalski's GazelleProcapra przewalskii
Sandy Mole RatSpalax arenarius
Uluguru BushbabyGalago orinus
Hector's DolphinCephalorhynchus hectori

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