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Can you name the South Park character who has done the following?

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Began taking steroids to enhance his abilities
Had 2 sex changes
Almost was married to a succubus
Contracted AIDS from another character
Had underpants stolen by gnomes
Fed Scott Tenorman his own parents via chili
Gave himself cancer to buy marijuana
Had a sanctuary for gay animals
Works at Tom's Rhinoplasty
Had surgery to become a dolphin
Began selling his own 'goo' in a sports drink
Can only say his own name
Political Activist; waged war on Canada
Has diabetes
Learned to read in order to solve a case
Became the prophet of Scientology
Had a 22 year old boyfriend who was in a band
Vigilante with the alter ego 'Mysterion'
Has a dead fetus on her face
Fought a character because he made fun of breast cancer
Had therapy for being a hoarder
Left the toilet seat up and killed his mother
Went to Peru to fulfill his destiny
Had an affair with a kindergarden teacher
Starred in an adaptation of Great Expectations

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