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Can you name all the Futurama episode titles, based on a description of the plot?

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A delivery boy is frozen and wakes up in the year 3000.
Fry and Leela get stranded on the moons surface.
Fry and Bender become roommates.
While rescuing animals from Vergon 6 Zapp and Leela sleep together.
Bender, Fry and Leela make a delivery to a planet of human hating robots.
Fry discovers he has 4 billion dollars and Mom tries to steal his anchovies.
Fry accidentally becomes emperor of a planet of liquid aliens.
The crew must find a way to keep a giant garbage ball from falling from space and destroying New New York.
Bender finds religion after abusing electricity and Fry and Leela must save him from robot hell.
Zapp Brannagin pilots the starship Titanic into a black hole.
Fry enrolls in college on Mars and his roommate is one of the professors experiments, a monkey wearing a hat that makes him super smart.
The Omicronians invade earth to see the finale of Single Female Lawyer, which Fry knocked off the air 1,000 ago.
Fry and the crew tour the Slurm factory and discover a disgusting secret.
To make him empathize with Leela's pain after he flushes Nibbler, Bender is fitted with an emotion chip.
After being kicked out of the DOOP, Zapp and Kiff join the Planet Express crew.
Nixon uses Bender's body to run for President of Earth.
Fry is nearly killed by Robot Santa while out shopping for a gift for Leela.
Zoidberg goes back to his home planet for mating season and Fry teaches him how to act romantic.
The crew meets Flexo, a bending unit that Fry thinks is even more evil than Bender.
After an accident Fry has his head grafted onto Amy's shoulder and Bender starts a dating service for Valentines Day.
Bender joins the ultimate robot fighting league.
Leela meets a shapeshifting alien who pretends to be the last male of her species.
Wanting someone to carry on his life's work, the professor clones himself an heir just before he is taken away by the sunset squad.
Hermes (temporarily) looses his love of bureaucracy and visits a spa planet. His replacement has a secret affair with Fry.
While on a fishing trip the crew find the lost underwater city of Atlanta. Fry decides to stay and marry a mermaid.
Leela is accidently blinded by Elzar and Bender joins the robot mafia.
Mom stages a robot revolt in an attempt to take over earth.
The crew find a delicious new snack on an uninhabited planet, only to find out they've been eating the Omicronian's children.
The crew get see what life would be like if Bender was 500 feet tall, Fry never got frozen, and Leela was more impulsive.
Bender and Fry join the army to get a discount on gum and are forced to go to war on an alien planet.
Bender becomes a ware-car after being attacked while visiting a castle his uncle left him.
Fry's girlfriend from the 20th century froze herself and comes back. Her and Fry try dating again.
Fry tries to get rid of worms he got from a truck stop sandwich, even though the worms make him into someone Leela loves.
While on a date, Zapp crashes the resturant on a planet inhabited by giant women. They take Zapp, Kiff and Fry prisoner and make them into snu-snu slaves.
While working as a scab, Bender falls in love with one of his co-workers, who turns out to be Flexo's ex-wife.
The brain spawn invade Earth turning everyone into idiots and the only one who can stop them is Fry.
Zoidberg travels to Hollywood to make a movie with his uncle, Harold Zoid and Calculon.
After Bender crashes a tanker of dark matter into a penguin preserve he becomes their leader and helps them fight off conservationists who are hunting them.
Fry travels to old New York to find his lucky 7 leaf clover, Instead he discovers what his brother Yancey did with his life after Fry was frozen.
Leela meets a doctor from her past who gives her 2 eyes and Bender adopts 12 orphans in a scheme to make money.
After accidentally helping rob a bank, Fry and Bender are sent to a robot insane asylum where Fry believes that he is actually a robot.
After being paralyzed by a can opener, Bender becomes a folk singer and goes on the road with Beck to raise awareness for broken robots.
The Globetrotters challenge earth to a basketball game, the professor uses chronitons to breed atomic supermen for the match, but accidentally causes time to start skipping about.
Fry downloads a robot copy of Lucy Liu from the internet and starts dating her. Meanwhile the crew must save the city from an army of deadly Lucy-Liu bots.
The crew travels back to 1947 Roswell and makes history while Fry meets his grandparents.
After trapping the real robot Santa on Neptune, Bender fills in for him on his X-Mas rounds.
The professor's what-if machine shows the crew what would happen if Bender were human, life was more like a video game, and Leela found her home.
Bender starts dating the Planet Express ship which causes trouble for the rest of the crew.
Leela discovers the truth of who her parents are and where she came from.
In an attempt to impress Amy's parents, Kif tries to get their stolen buggalo back from the native Martians who rustled them.
Worried nobody would remember him after he's gone, Bender tries to leave his mark and becomes ruler of a planet similar to ancient Egypt.
While drifting through space alone, Bender becomes god to a race of tiny aliens who land on his body.
Fry meets a sleazy 80's business man who was also frozen. He and Fry end up running Planet Express into the ground.
Leela becomes the first woman blurnsball player and goes down as the worst player in history.
Bender learns to be a great chef from Elzar's former mentor and returns to Earth to get revenge on Elzar for his former master.
The crew find themselves on a planet with the cast of the original Star Trek series, and they are all forced to attend a never ending convention by an evil energy blob.
After discovering that robots are responsible for global warming, Nixon tries to deactivate them all at once.
Fry discovers a fossil of his dead dog in a museum and tries to clone him, but Bender is jealous and attempts to stop him.
Cubert and Dwight start a paper route and become so successful they are able to take over Planet Express from their fathers.
After Zoidberg eats the Earth flag he turns to his home planet for help, only to have them invade and try to take over Earth.
Kif gets pregnant and Amy is not sure she's ready to be a parent.
Fry and Leela discover a cream that gives them super powers. They join with Bender to create a superhero team.
After an accident reverses their aging processes, the crew must find a cure, but Leela wants to stay young so she can see what it's like growing up with her parents.
While trying to stop the evil brain spawn from destroying the universe, Fry travels back in time and attempts to stop himself from being frozen.
After she sees Fry stung to death by a giant space bee while trying to save her, Leela goes crazy from guilt. She soon finds out things aren't as they seem.
The professor creates a box containing a parallel universe, the crew must join with their parallel selves to save both their universes from being destroyed.
Nixon gives everyone a $300 tax refund and the crew find several creative ways to spend their windfall.
Fry has his nose poached by aliens who sell it to Lrrr as an aphrodisiac. He must repair Lrrr and Ndnd's marriage or risk losing a different appendage.
Bender becomes a fembot to enter the olympics, but he falls in love with and marries Calculon. He has to find a way to get out of the marriage before it's too late.
Worried he'll be replaced by robot 1-X, Bender runs away to an island where he meets other outdated robots and get's a downgrade and wages war on the modern world.
Bender joins the cast of All My Circuits and becomes a terrible role model for children everywhere.
In an attempt to win Leela's heart Fry makes a deal with the Robot Devil to become a great Holophoner player. His plan backfires when the Robot Devil tries to steal Leela away.
Scammers take over earth and brainwash Bender into doing their bidding.
A rift between universes opens up and a tentacle alien invades and starts secretly mating with everyone in the universe.
Bender discovers his imagination and he and the crew must stop Mom's evil plans by entering a D&D themed world where Bender is a knight.
Fry is secretly recruited to stop the Evil Ones from destroying the universe. Leela and Amy join a group of eco-feminists who are unknowingly helping the Evil Ones.
After a terrible spaceship crash the crew is revived by the Professor and his rebirth machine.
Leela and Zapp are sent on a misson to save Earth from the Death Sphere, only to crash land on an Eden like planet where she believes they are the only 2 humans.
Mom corp. releases the eyePhone in an attempt to enslave the world, Fry and Bender race to get 1 million followers on Twitcher.
Bender and Amy fight to get robo-sexual marriage legalized.
The crew discovers a secret about Leonardo da Vinci, and the professor discovers what it's like to be the dumbest person on the planet.
Bender and Hermes go on an adventure to discover the identity of the inspector who let Bender be built without a backup drive.
Bender, Fry and the Professor accidentally travel far into the future and must find a way to get back to their own time.
A race of evil cats enslave the earth in an attempt to steal it's rotational energy. Only Amy and Nibbler are left to stop them.
Fed up with creationists, the Professor leaves Earth and becomes the creator of a race of rapidly evolving robots.
The Professor creates a mind swapping machine and the crew switch bodies with each other but are unable to reverse it without help from the Globetrotters.
After a fight with Ndnd, Lrrr has a midlife crisis that nearly ruins his marriage.
After being banished to the sewers because she's a mutant, Leela leads the mutants in a revolt for equal rights.
Three holiday tales that explain the meanings of X-mas, Kwanzaa and Robanukah.
After testifying against the robot mafia, Bender goes into witness protection on the moon.
Leela becomes obsessed with killing a four dimensional space whale.
Fry joins the police force and is promoted to the future crime division where he learns he must stop Bender from committing a crime that will result in Fry killing him.
Bender gains the ability to self replicate and nearly causes the destruction of Earth because of his miniature copies.
The crew discovers the secret why the professor keeps Zoidberg around, despite the fact that he's a terrible doctor.
After Bender is killed he haunts Fry by possessing nearby machines. Unable to stand it anymore, Fry moves to the Amish home world to find safety from technology.
The crew and several passengers are stranded on a planet where an alien switches their genders.
Leela becomes the creator of a successful kids show that she created by stealing the stories from a group of innocent aliens.
Fry becomes the caretaker of an alien egg which hatches into a monster that sucks out the bones of its victims.
The professor travels back in time in an attempt to repair his family honor, only to completely re-write history.
Fry comes down with the common cold and causes the entire city of New New York to be quarantined. The professor must find a cure before the city is thrown into the sun.
Cubert overclocks Bender's processor which allows him to unlock all the secrets of the universe.
Futurama is re-imagined in 3 different animation styles. Classic 30's black and white, as an 8-bit video game, and as a Japanese anime.
Bender has a baby with the office soda machine and learns what it means to be a father.
The crew attempts to flee Earth when a Martian calendar predicts the end of the world.
Leela becomes the campaign manager for a presidential candidate who doesn't have a valid Earth certificate.
Calculon attempts to out act an actor who wears a bag on his head because he's an alien who feeds off the attention he receives from others.
Leela's mother begins dating Zapp Brannigan and joins to the DOOP as a translator.
Amy and Leela get hooked on performance enhancing nectar while competing in a butterfly derby.
Hermes goes overboard with robotic upgrades to his body until he becomes more machine than man.
Fry is the victim of a sausage making accident which ends up making him leading a neanderthal uprising.
When he discovers he doesn't have free will, Bender embarks on a journey to learn the meaning of life.
The professor learns some forgotten things about his past when his parents return from the virtual reality retirement home on the near death star.
Bender becomes a robo-animal rights activist.
Amy and the crew must stage an elaborate heist to steal back her parents casino from the robot mafia.
Futurama is re-imagined as a nature documentary with the crew as various different animals.
Bender meets a famous folk singer in prison and attempts to copy his famous guitar and ends up bringing what he sings about to life.
The professor becomes a street racer and after an accident finds himself stuck in a 2 dimensional universe.
Fry is stranded on Omicron Persei 8 and is befriended by Lrrr's son who decides to keep him as a pet.
Fry and Leela take a romantic trip to a resort that turns out to be an alien zoo where they are unknowingly on display.
Bender becomes a firefighter, but the crew begins to suspect him of committing arson to make himself famous.
Futurama is re-imagined in the styles of 3 classic 80's Saturday morning cartoon shows.
Fry and Bender are so disappointed by All My Circuits without Calculon, they decide to bring him back from the dead.
After Bender is bot-jacked on a mission he sets out to reclaim all his missing body parts, especially his shiny metal ass.
Because of a rare genetic disease, Leela begins growing tentacles all over her body. While in her self imposed exile she discovers a secret genetic engineering lab run by Mom.
When mysterious music threatens to destroy the world, Fry must go into his dreams to relive his last day in the 20th century in an attempt to solve the mystery.
After picking up an alien hitchhiker on a corporate retreat the crew members find themselves at the mercy of an alien killer.
Unable to get a date because of his terrible odor, Zoidberg falls in love with a woman who has no sense of smell.
Stuck in a frozen moment in time after one of the professors inventions breaks, Fry and Leela learn how to make the most of every moment they have together.

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