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What is the capital of Australia?
What is the 6th smallest country in Europe?
Little Rock is the capital city of which US State?
African country often associated with pirates
The name given to a small tremor after an Earthquake
Which of the 'stan' countries reaches the furthest North?
What is the capital on Kenya?
Type of rock formed by cooling lava
South American country whose capital is Paramaribo
The process by which water turned into water vapour
In which country would you find the peak of Mount Everest?
Country with the same name as it's capital
Small British Territory between Europe and Africa
Optical phenomenon where a spectrum of light appears in the sky
In which UK county is Stonehenge?
Only African country to border both Djibouti and the Red Sea
Term describing extremely dry conditions
Country whose Overseas Territories account for 98.1% of it's total area
Second largest city in Poland
Capital of New Zealand
Which US State is home to the city of Las Vegas?
World's longest mountain range
Country famous for chocolate, cheese and banks
European river which passes through 10 countries
Capital of Scotland
Caribbean country sharing a land border with the Dominican Republic
The only country which both borders Turkey, and uses the Dinar as currency
In which Australian State would you find the Great Barrier Reef?

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