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QUIZ: Can you name the movie surprise endings?

Quiz Updated Jan 26, 2012

Forced Order
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Darth Vader is...The Empire Strikes Back
Tyler Durden and Jack are...Fight Club
The Planet of the Apes was...Planet of the Apes
Soylent Green is made from...Soylent Green
Rosebud was...Citizen Kane
Keyser Söze was...The Usual Suspects
The man James Cole saw killed at the airport was...12 Monkeys
Judge Doom was actually...Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Dil is actually...The Crying Game
Dr. Malcolm Crowe is...The Sixth Sense
The aliens are killed by...Signs
The aliens are killed by...War of the Worlds
Lester Burnham is killed by...American Beauty
The box contains...Se7en
William Parcher, Charles Herman, and Charles' niece are...A Beautiful Mind
Katherine is Evelyn Mulwray's...Chinatown

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