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Can you name the animal by only its description?

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animal descriptionanswer
Very tall, eats leaves, is seen in some zoo's, and is orange and yellow typically
Very large, typically live in africa, are seen in zoos, and when you first think of one you think of the color being grey
Has whiskers, like mice, purr, and are good pets
They bark, chase your neighbors, and make good pets
Don't make much noise, live in a tank, and need water
live in shells, can be found on beaches, and make good pets
Have long ears, whiskers, and like carrots
live in water, mammals, and are mistaken for sharks sometimes
animal descriptionanswer
Do not have good eyesight and dig holes and tunnels
have big teeth, are seen in zoos, and have a mane
Have a cool pattern and a relative of a horse
Also have a cool pattern, have large teeth, and are partially orange
Have a shell, live to an old age, and move slow
Are black, a type of cat, and have large teeth
Like bananas, go crazy, and can be super cute! (in my opinion)

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