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She's the reason
Losin him was blue like i never know
Darlin it was good
Everthing will be alright
I'm really gonna miss you picking fights
somebody tells you they love you
say your sorry that face of an angel
All i know is you said hello
you throw your head back laughin
your little hand wrapped around my finger
there we are again in the middle of the night
it takes everything in me not to call you
so shame on me now
there you stand 10 feet tall
We had a beautiful magic lolafair
Unless you play it good and right
and i i i like it
you think that it's funny when im mad mad mad
Find myself at your door just like all those times before
another name goes up in lights like diamonds in the sky
i said oh my what a marvelous tune
dont look at me
it turns out freedom aint nothin but missin you
christmas lights glisten
spinning faster than the plane that took you
this is what i thought about
whisper soft and slow
fun jesters are exchanged
dont you think i was too young to be messed with
you with your words like knives
seems a lot like a tragedy now
shes an actress
wouldnt be shattered on the floor now
i thought i had you figured out
i still recall now the smell of the rain
we will be remembered
he said the way my blue eyes shined
you never let me drive
got the radio on and my blue jeans
just look away
and baby i got nowhere to go
thats not true cuz i know you
there's pretty girls on every corner
what you did with her get back to me
growing up and falling in love
asking god if he could play it again
dont want to fly if your still
she dont even know you
why would you want to break a
i cant hear one single word they say

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