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Can you name the Bad Guys from Nancy Drew PC Games?

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CharactersBad GuyGame
a) Connie Watson b) Hector 'Hulk' Sanchez c) Daryl Gray d) Uncle Steve e) Hal TanakaSecrets Can Kill Remastered
a) Dwayne Powers b) Lillian Weiss c) Mattie Jensen d) Millie Strathorn e) Rich ArlenStay Tuned for Danger
a) Abby Sideris b) Charlie Murphy c) Louis Chandler d) Rose GreenMessage in a Haunted Mansion
a) Dexter Egan b) Jacques Brunais c) Lisa Ostrum d) Professor HotchkissTreasure in the Royal Tower
a) Brady Armstrong b) Joseph Hughes c) Nick Falcone d) Simone MuellerThe Final Scene
a) Alejandro del Rio b) Henrik Van Der Hume c) Joanna Riggs d) Taylor SinclairSecret of the Scarlet Hand
a) Emily Griffin b) Jeff Akers c) Red KnottGhost Dogs of Moon Lake
a) Elliot Chen b) Harlan Bishop c) Ingrid Corey d) Joy TrentThe Haunted Carousel
a) Andy Jason b) Holt Scotto c) Jenna Deblin d) Katie FirestoneDanger of Deception Island
a) Dave Gregory b) Tex Britten c) Shorty Thurmond d) Mary YazziThe Secret of Shadow Ranch
a) Nigel Mookerjee b) Ethel Bosinny c) Mrs. Drake d) Linda Penvellyn e) Jane PenvellynThe Curse of Blackmoor Manor
a) Jim Archer b) Richard Topham c) Emily Crandall d) Jane WilloughbySecret of the Old Clock
a) Frank Hardy b) Joe Hardy c) John Grey d) Lori Girard e) Tino Balducci f) Charleena PurcellLast Train to Blue Moon Canyon
a) Minette b) Jing-Jing Ling c) Dieter VonSchwesterkrank d) Jean-Michel Traquenard e) Heather McKayDanger by Design
CharactersBad GuyGame
a) Dr. Quigley Kim b) Frank Hardy c) Joe Hardy d) Pua Mapu e) Big Island Mike Mapu f) Malachi CravenThe Creature of Kapu Cave
a) Ollie Randall b) Yanni Volkstaia c) Guadalupe Comillo d) Bill Kessler e) Lou TalbotThe White Wolf of Icicle Creek
a) Henry Bolet Jr. b) Lamont Warrick c) Renee Amande d) Gilbert BufordLegend of the Crystal Skull
a) Colin Baxter b) Margherita Fauberg c) Helena Burg d) Enrico Tazza e) Antonio FangoThe Phantom of Venice
a) Kyler Mallory b) Matt Simmons c) Kit Foley d) Donal Delany e) FionaThe Haunting of Castle Malloy
a) George Fayne b) Bess Marvin c) Johnny Rolle d) MonkeysRansom of the Seven Ships
a) Izzy Romero b) Mel Corbalis c) Leela Yadav d) Corine Myers e) Rachel HubbardWarnings at Waverly Academy
a) Scott Varnell b) Debbie Kircum c) Chase Relerford d) Frosty Harlow e) PaTrail of the Twister
a) Yumi b) Miwako c) Rentaro d) TakaeShadow at the Water's edge
a) Karl Wechler b) Anja Mittelmeir c) Lukas Mittelmeier d) Renate StollerThe Captive Curse
a) Brenda Carlton b) Deirdre Shannon c) Alexei Markovic d) Antonia 'Toni' ScallariAlibi in Ashes
a) Lily Crewe b) Jamila El-Dine c) Dylan Carter d) Jon Boyle e) Abdullah BakhoumTomb of the Lost Queen
a) Ellie York b) Gray Cortight c) Mason Quinto d) Ryan Kilpatrick e) Victor LossettThe Deadly Device
a) Clara Thornton b) Jessalyn Thornton c) wade Thornton d) Harper Thornton e) Colton BirchfieldGhost of Thornton Hall

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