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When is Lauren's birthday?
What year was Lauren born?
What is Lauren's biggest fear?
What is Lauren's zodiac sign?
What tattoo does Lauren have?
What is Lauren's favorite MTV show?
What band dissed Lauren in the beginning of 2015?
What is Lauren's tumblr url?
What is Lauren's voice type?
What is Lauren's nickname for Camila?
What school did Lauren attend since 7th grade?
What is Lauren's midddle name?
What cupcake flavor did Lauren say best describes her?
Who's concert did she go to when she was 10?
How old was Lauren when she audtioned for The X-Factor?
What is Lauren's dad's name?
How tall is Lauren?
Who inspired Lauren to get her tattoo?
What is Lauren's hometown?
What color are Lauren's eyes?
What song did Lauren sing when she auditioned for The X-Factor?
How old is Lauren?
How many siblings does Lauren have?
Who is Lauren's favorite singer?
What was Lauren's first word?
Who did she take to her senior prom?
What is Lauren's mom's name?
What is Lauren's guilty pleasure?
What is Lauren's favorite band?
Who is Lauren often been rumored to be having a secret relationship with?
What languages can Lauren speak?

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