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What did Alexander Graham Bell invent?telephone, railroad, dishwasher or telegram
Who invented the Cotton Gin?James Watts, George Stephenson, Eli Whitney or Hamilton Smith
What did Henry Mill invent in 1714?typewriter, telegraph, electric lamp or gun
Who created the first Steam Engine?Isaac Singer, Rowland Hill, Hamilton Smith or James Watts
What year was the printing press invented by Frederick Koenig1810, 1853, 1793, or 1789
What year did Humphry Davy invent the Electric Light?1840,1809,1798, or 1815
Who invented the steam train in 1814? Joel Houghton, Thomas Timberland, George Stephenson or Willis Carrier
What did Isaac Singer invent in 1851? microphone, washing machine, antiseptics or sewing machine
What did Orville and Wibur Wright invent?airplane, car, telegraph or typewriter
When did Henry Ford invent the Model T?1890, 1930, 1908, or 1940
Who invented Antiseptics in 1850?Ignaz Semmelweis, Hamilton Smith, Joel Houghton, or Rowland Hill
What did Robert Oppenheimer invent in 1912?electric lamp, air conditioner, atomic bomb, or radio
Who created Film in 1895?Louis Lumiere, George Stephenson, Charles Babbage or Willis Carrier
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What did Tim Berners-Lee invent in 1985?railroad, washing machine, internet or radio
What did George Stephenson invent in 1830?gun, railroad computer or electric lamp
Who invented Stamps in 1837?George Stephenson, Samuel Morse, Rowland Hill or Humphry Davy
What did Philo Farnsworth invent?tv camera, computer, washing machine or telegraph
Who invented the vaccine?Louis Lumiere, Edward Jenner, Charles Babbage or Alva J Fisher
Who invented the air conditioner in 1902?Elisha Otis, Rowland Hill, Willis Carrier or Joel Houghton
What did Guglielmo Marconi invent?telephone, radio, typewriter, or electric lamp
Who invented the computer?Charles Babbage, Willis Carrier, Samuel Morse or Louis Lumiere
Which year was the electric washing machine invented?1800,1849,1914, or 1956
What did Dir Huphrey Davy invent in 1714?Electric Lamp, Washing machine, telescope, or Stamps
Who invented the telescope? Samuel Morse, Henry Mill ,Hans Lippershey or Phio Farnsworth
Who invented the washing machine in 1858?Rowland Hill, Hamilton Smith, Henry Mill or Willis Carrier

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