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who was the last Friend to turn 30?
What is Chandler's middle name?
Who is the father of Rachel's baby?
Which Friend is an ordained minister?
Joey's soap opera character got what kind of transplant?
What religion are Ross and Monica?
Why did Phoebe marry her husband?
Who was Joey dressed as at the Halloween Party?
Which Friend reads tea leaves?
Which Friend is a vegetarian?
What is the name of the soap opera that Joey stars on?
Which Friend was unable to cry until season 6?
Which Friend is a 'neat freak'?
What did Joey promise Monica that he would eat at Thanksgiving?
Phoebe plays what instrument?
Which of the guys wore leg warmers in college?
Who kissed Phoebe on her 30th birthday?
Where is Rachel's tattoo?
What is Joey's last name?
What was the name of Joey's stuffed penguin pal?
What kind of fruit is Ross allergic to?
In the opening credits where do you see the cast dancing?
How did Ross first find out Rachel had feelings for him?
What was Rachel referring to when she said Ross was 'good at the stuff'?
What is the name of Joey's agent?
What city does the show take place in?
Who thought if you were married in Vegas, you were only married in Vegas?
Which of the Friends are siblings?
Who let it slip that Ross was having a son?
Which state does Joey think Ross made up?

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