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John Williams1980
Max Steiner1939
Maurice Jarre1962
Elmer Bernstein1962
Ennio Morricone1966
Bernard Herrmann1960
Nino Rota1972
John Williams1975
Elmer Bernstein1960
John Williams1982
Danny Elfman1989
Howard Shore2001
Jerry Goldsmith1976
Erich Wolfgang Korngold1938
John Williams 1981
Henry Mancini1963
Bernard Herrmann1958
John Barry1968
Maurice Jarre1965
Max Steiner1933
Jerry Goldsmith1979
John Williams1978
John Barry1990
Alfred Newman1962
Franz Waxman 1950
James Horner1995
John Williams1993
Miklos Rozsa1959
Ennio Morricone1986
John Williams1977
Sergei Prokofiev1944
Charles Chaplin1936
Bill Conti1976
Erich Wolfgang Korngold1942
Franz Waxman1935
David Raskin1944
Basil Poledouris1982
John Barry1964
Dimitri Tiomkin1952
Sergei Prokofiev1938
Franz Waxman1951
James Horner1989
Max Steiner1942
Ennio Morricone1988
Aaron Copland1949
Henri Mancini1961
John Barry1985
Ralph Vaughan-Williams1948
Herbert Stothart1939
Bernard Herrmann1947
Malcolm Arnold1957
Jerry Goldsmith1974
Elmer Bernstein1963
Ennio Morricone1968
Ernest Gold1960
Miklos Rozsa1945
John Corigliano1999
Erich Wolfgang Korngold1940
Leonard Bernstein1954
Max Steiner1948
Alex North1951
Danny Elfman1990
Bernard Herrmann1941
Jerry Goldsmith1968
James Horner1983
Anton Karas1949
Victor Young1956
Pactrick Doyle1989
Max Steiner1959
Francis Lai1970
Michael Kamen1991
Jerry Goldsmith1979
Nino Rota1968
Bernard Herrmann1959
Jerome Moross1958
Dave Grusin1981
Akira Ifukube1954
Hugo Friedhofer1946
John Williams2004
Alan Silvestri1994
Alfred Newman1947
Hans Zimmer2000
Elmer Bernstein1956
Alex North1960
Bernard Herrmann1976
Henri Mancini1962
Franz Waxman1962
Miklos Rozsa1945
Jerry Goldsmith1970
Miklos Rozsa1961
Elmer Bernstein1962
Bernard Herrmann1951
Randy Newman1984
Alfred Newman1965
Ennio Morricone1984
John Williams1993
John Barry1966
Max Steiner1948
James Horner1997

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