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'There is no need to call me 'sir' professor'
'Anythings possible if you've got enough nerve'
'Why does it have to be follow the spiders? Why can't it be follow the butterflies?'
'Your kidding Perce, I don't think I've heard you joke since you were-'
'Do you mind if we kiss you, we could curtsy if you like?'
'Dolores Umbridge a truly delightful women has started working a Hogwarts'
'Not my daughter you BITCH!'
'Never trust anything that can think for itself, if you can''t see where it keeps it's brain'
'It's Norberta'
'Bill look away! I'm hideous!'
'Before you two get another idea to get us killed or worse expelled'
'What's coming will come. And we'll meet it when it does'
'Dobby has no masters! Dobby is a free elf!'
'They are supposed to be out of bed you blithering idiot'
'Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times''
'Turn to page 394'
'My father will hear about this!'
'What is life without a little risk?'
'I won't deny that I'm a werewolf'
''Harry, James wouldn't have wanted me killed. James would've understood. He would've shown mercy'
'Constant Vigilance'
We're all human.Aren't we? Every Human life is worth saving.'
'Don't call me Nymphadora'
'My dad's a muggle, Mum's a witch. Bit of a Nasty shock for him'
Harry may not be with us anymore. But he's still always be with us in here'

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