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QUIZ: Can you name the Grown Ups Trivia?

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Forced Order
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Who directed this film?
What year was the game?
What year did this film come out?
Name the character Adam Sandler plays
Name the character Rob Schneider plays
Name the character Chris Rock plays
Name the character Kevin James plays
Name the character David Spade plays
Who was pregnant in film and in real life?
What event do they all meet up at
Where does it take place?
What game are they playing at the start of the film?
What event are they celebrating?
#4 runs into an old nemesis at a restaurant. What is his name?
The Feders can't stay the whole weekend and have to go somewhere else. Why do they have to cut their weekend prematurely?
The Feders have an Asian nanny who accompanies them on their trip. What is her name?
What do they call #4?
What is the dog called?
Who says this: You're stepping over the line, Woman
Who is the one that is single?
Who said this: 'She's eating for two; her and Tobo-Cop.' ?
Finish the Quote: Hey, Y! where's ________
The five guys play a game that they used to play with each other when they were kids. What game do they play?
What part of the body does #5 hurt?
Who says this: Well, you should Wii-turn and get a Wii-fund.
What is the name of the water park?
Who goes down the water slide first?
Who says this: 'I'm an animal!' ?
What does #4 tell the kids 'wasted' is?
Who says this: I don't know about this one, Dad. It's kind of steep.
Who says this: That was awesome.
Who says this: Daddy, that bird is hurt.
Who says this: Are you making a sissy? You know they put a chemical in the pool that turns urine blue.
Who says this: I'm just like daddy.
Who says this: I don't know, man. This thing looks crazy.
Who says this: It's awful, Mom.
Who says this: What are you talking about? He's gay, isn't he?
Who says this: I heard it too.
Who says this: Oh my God, What a perv. He's totally checking me out.

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