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What year did the film come out?
Finish trailer line: Ivan Reitman who brought you ___________, Kindergarten Cop and Twins.
Can you name the family?
Can you name the character Charles Grodin plays?
Can you name the character Bonnie Hunt plays?
Can you name the character Nicholle Tom plays?
Can you name the character Christopher Castile plays?
Can you name the character Sarah Rose Karr plays?
What kind of dog is Beethoven?
What time do they have to get up at on a Saturday?
How many bullies?
What does the girl share with Beethoven?
Where do we first see Beethoven?
What does Emily drop in the breakfast?
What part of the body does Dr Varnick say Beethoven attacks?
Where does Emily fall?
What is she trying to get?
How does Beethoven get Mark to Ryce?
Can you name the 2 bad people that want to torch George's business?
Name the lad that Ryce likes?
How does Beethoven get his name?
Can you name villainious veterinarian?
Can you name the 2 bad guys?
What is the name of George's business?
What game are Ted and Ryce playing?
How many dogs attack Harvey and Vernon near the end of the film?
What kind of dogs attack them?
What film is on TV?
Can you name the dog that helps Beethoven through the film?
What kind of dog helps Beethoven?

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