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A large desert level.
A medium/large urban map.
Helicopter In middle.
An artic map featuring a small town and train loading station
Wooded level surrounding an estate and nearby power station.
A shanty town level based off of the slums of Rio De Janeiro.
A level taking place on the rooftop of an unfinished construction site.
A middle eastern town with a diner, bank, and garage.
Large, compact city located in Pakistan
Sniper Map we have seen before
A large level taking place in a rock excavation site.
A rural town separated in two by a ravine
A small, fairly open oil derrick in the middle of the desert.
A snow-filled level played out in a cozy junkyard
An airplane scrapyard
A series of apartments, stores, and diners
large, two-storied warehouse
A snowy submarine base with office buildings,
based off of the Single Player level No Russian
In the rain under the remains of a Bridge.
An open grassy level taking place near the Chernobyl Nuclear reactors,

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