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'But the truth is we're still alive'
'Suit up boys, we're on vacation'
Only instrumental song off LOVE
'So life doesn't hurt, doesn't hurt so badly'
Shortest AVA song
According to Tom: 'like Call to Arms and The War put together'
Song about falling in love
There is a short and a long music video for this song
Song that most represents the idea/concept of 'I-Empire'
'Why do we struggle to breathe a more righteous breath'
Song about youth in revolt
LOVE (movie) trailer song
'I'm sorry I have to say it but you look like you're sad'
'Intro' to 'True Love'
Song including the 'We don't need to whisper' - whisper
Aka 'Strange Celebration'
'This is what I am speaking of'
Song that made Critter cry
'We are all that we are, so terribly sorry'
Song based on LOVE (movie) scene of astronaut with a photograph
Song that shares it's title with the band documentary
Song that had Tom singing 'heartbreaker' during recording
Song about Tom's youth
I-Empire song performed during the LOVE Live event
Song Tom wrote for a friend who was losing his wife
Music video premiered during LOVE Live event
Oftentimes the last song in their live set
Intro includes lyrics from several other AVA songs
'The stars in the sky illuminate below'
Song title is based on a Google Search Tom did
Song featured in the LOVE (movie) Vignette I
David's favorite song to play live
During video shoot Tom got to use a harness
Inspired by The Police's 'Every Breath You Take'
'Continuation' of Box Car Racer Song
Song first known as 'Open Water'
Equipment for video shoot included a handheld camera and a ghettoblaster
Last song on LOVE record
First song Tom sang after getting sober
Song that's usually accompanied by a speech about 9/11 during live performances
Song written about a guy and his cheating girlfriend
Matt claimed this song to be about David
'Secret Crowds' became the single instead of this song
Song featured in LOVE (movie) vignette IV

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