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How well do you know the University of Oklahoma?

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In what city is the university located?
In what year was OU established?
What are the university's sports teams nickname?
Name one of OU's major sports rivals
What are the university's official colors?
What is the name of the campus newspaper?
What is the strip, with OU bookstores, restaurants, bars, etc, north of campus on Boyd Street known as?
Who was the university's first president?
Which OU president has held office for the longest period of time? (as of 2015)
What is the name of the university's marching band?
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Which OU sport holds the most national championships in OU athletics?
Who is the college of business named after? (as of 2015)
What is the name of the art museum on campus?
What is the university's tallest building on campus?
What is the oldest building currently on campus?
What would you typically attend to meet other students the summer before your freshman year?
What is the name of the all-male student pep squad? (not the cheerleaders)
In what year did the no tobacco policy go into effect on campus?
Which building on campus is infamously known to be haunted?
Coming from Oklahoma City, trying to avoid game day traffic, what is the best exit to take off of I-35?

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