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Can you name the game of thrones characters logic?

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A1I can see my first husband from hear.
A2My brother and his lover are in this quizz.
A3The man who killed my brother is in this quizz.
A4I only wish to be near my childs.
A5My queen is adjacent to the only kraken man here.
B1My crush's sister doesn't stop looking at him from afar.
B3I wish my grandmother was here. My father is though
B4My sadistic 'nephew' is here.... Right next to the other sadistic bastard.
B5All my siblings are here.
C1The oldest of my half-sisters is in A1.
C2I would follow my sister anywhere.
C3I'm happy margaery Tyrell is here. She is hot.
C4I hope loras has brought his horse. I don't want that clegane near me.
C5I'm not the only one who killed his superior here.
D1I wish my other two kids were here, instead of that monster...
D2My dear bear.... NOT HERE. But the little bear is.
D3¿Who killed my brother? I wanna high five them.
D4My BFF is below my wife's bastard brother.
D5There's no Stark nor Tully in this column, but there are three on the first.

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