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What is the capital of Vietnam?
How many are there in a bakers dozen?
What country wears Bunads?
In which US state is Miami found in?
What animal is the dugong closely related to?
What is the highest mountain in the world?
What is the biggest horse race in Australia?
What year did WWI start?
Which sport would be played during the Corbillon Cup?
On which river does the English town of Cambridge lie?
What continent is Andorra on?
How many birthdays does the average person have?
What was the name of the England footballer to be the first European Footballer of the year?
How many planets in our solar system are smaller than Earth?
In what year did Martin Luther King deliver his speech 'I have a dream'?
Who is the author of 'Emma'?
Who stars as Cher in 'Clueless'?
How many states are in Australia?
In tennis what is the score immediately after deuce?
What country does the Samba originate?
In Harry Potter what is the name of Ginnys pet pygmy puff?
What is a barracuda?
Who was the first President of The US?
What was the original name of Mickey Mouse?
What starsign belongs to the birthdate 8th April?
What country does Paella originate?
What is the most expensive movie of all time?
Who invented the washing machine?
What is a black Mamba?
What do the roman numerals CX stand for?

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