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What is the capital of Norway
What element has the symbol K
How many days are there in a fortnight
Who is the author of the Tomorrow When The War Began series
Where is the Louvre
What is the Nazi symbol called
How many players are there in an ice hockey team
Who plays James Bond in GoldenEye
What is pooh bears favourite food
What is the name of the boy in Jungle Book
What is the biggest city in Australia
Who was the first president of America
What is the 3rd month of the year
In what country would you find the city Lucerne
Who wrote Oliver Twist
What is the British Royal familys last name
What is JK Rowlings first name
Who plays Draco Malfoy in 'Harry Potter'
What is the 4th planet from the sun
What comes first in the alphabet: animal or anaconda
Who plays Julia Houston in the TV show 'Smash'
What does YMCA stand for
How many rings does Saturn have
What is heavier 10 feathers or a boulder
What date was D-day
What group sings Yellow Submarine
What is denser: oil or vinegar
What is the biggest lake in England

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