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name a reason why english & irish rebellions were different
this can be seen in
name another reason
this can be seen in
&a single tear falls for kildare
&respect 4 poynings
another reasoni feel like phantom yelling at christine to sing
another reasonthere aint no 'we're gonna sit here and wait 4 u to read our demands' rubbish
this can be seen in
&yet fitzmaurice's death doesn't stop geraldine
this can be seen in
vsgives the irish more of a reason to rebel
yet they are similar!!!
examples include
religion is also a similarity cos...darcey, hussey, norfolk
yet it is a difference cos...geraldine, tyrone, kildare
name a reason why tudor gov was able to put down irish rebellions
&shane o'neill i'm looking at u
&henry viii wanted to impose authority in 1519, planned ahead in 1541
&defend the pale, buy time, buy off other clans, use military force
&1492, 1522, 1528, 1534
&bad move yo
describe the deal made between the monarch and irish lordssee kildare's reinstatement after poynings = very loyal
english religious rebellions are similar tostrong link!!
english faction rebellions are similar to
english socio-economic rebellions are similar tothis is a weaker link

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