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Can you name the the things that have 'kid' in the answer?

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Artist with 2009 hit 'Day n Nite'
Platforming Game from Nintendo with character 'Pit'
Series of compilation albums covered by children
Nickname for Joe Montana for his history of rallying his teams from late-game deficits
Chicago-based consumer advocacy group focused on children's product safety
American singer-songwriter with recent album 'Rock N Roll Jesus'
One of the longest-running doll franchises in America, don't eat them.
Comic book superhero from DC Comics given the power to summon any good historical or mythological figure
Chicago Hip Hop Duo or Canadian sketch comedy group
Typically leave the body by passage in the urine stream
Children's version of 'Time' magazine
19th century American frontier outlaw legend, now a symbolic figure of the American Old West
Popular song by 'The Who', later used as title for a documentary about them
Female Rap artist best known for single 'Pro Nails' ft. Kanye West
Movie where a struggling inventor has an accident at home with a shrinking machine
2010 American comedy-drama film about a lesbian couple
Not the grown up pool, the smaller one
Soft and Chewy candy, great for the movies
Chat acronym JK
2008 song by Vampire Weekend, sampled by B.o.B. in 'The Kids'
Former clothes store from one of the world's most popular toy stores
Non-commercial television programming station, home of 'Sesame Street'

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