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Can you name the disney villians by movie and description?

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peter panI HATE THAT CROC!(tick tock)
sleeping beautyWow... i can change into a dragon
the adventures of ichabod cranereally... can ride a horse without losing your head
snow white and the seven dwarfsmirror-mirror on the wall...?
the aristocatsI'm just a bumbling butler
toy storyDestroying toys is my specialty
cinderellaI have two beautiful...ish daughters
the great mouse detectiveI stole the toymaker..oh yeah...I'm a rat!!
101 dalmatiansI love fur coats
the hunchback of notre dameI'm a priest...WOW
pinocchioI should be scared because of all these marionettes
the sword in the stoneI've fought merlin...I won
aladdinI have a magic staff and a stupid bird
pocahontasI have a dog and I'm a fat beast
the fox and the houndI'm the owner of the hound
tarzanI fell to my death
mulanI lead huns!
the lion kingreally should get that eye checked out!
alice in wonderlandI have a VERY short temper
the jungle bookROAR!
beauty and the beastCome to my gun show!!!
fantasiaI live on a mountain
the emperors new grooveRoyal advisor by day..scientist by night
herculesI dont have hair... I have fire
the little mermaidI have soo many arms to make deals with fish
toy story 2I own a toy mart
the black cauldronI dont have a face, only horns

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