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Misheard LyricReal LyricBand (Song)
We Built This City On The Wrong Damn RoadStarship (We Built This City)
Bob Marley Walkin' Like A DoggieRed Hot Chili Peppers (Give It Away)
This Is Sandpit TurtleBring Me The Horizon (Shadow Moses)
Hey, Wayne! I Gotta Nuke 'Em PlaneNirvana (Heart Shaped Box)
It Doesn't Make A Difference If We're Naked Or NotBon Jovi (Livin' On A Prayer)
Shout Too All My Lost Boys: Free BrowniesSrillex (Bangarang)
Egg WhitesTrivium (In Waves
Misheard LyricReal LyricBand (Song)
Lots Of Thug Like ButterfliesPearl Jam (Even Flow)
Here We Are Now, Eating TablesNirvana (Smells Like Teen Spirit)
Why Rye, I Wanna Rye, Why Rye, ArapahoThe Clash (White Riot)
There Goes My Hero, He's Odd and HairyFoo Fighters (My Hero)
Scuse Me, While I Kiss This GuyJimi Hendrix (Purple Haze
Why'd You Leave The Ketchup On The Table?System Of A Down (Chop Suey)

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