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A boy wakes up to be a girl. His stuffed tiger tells him he must battle against other similar females.
A one-eyed swordsman battles a blind samurai in 1629.
A talented martial artist attempts to convince an aspiring prosecutor to marry her in order to produce stronger offspring.
A young girl learns about the lives of mafioso, idiot thieves, immortals and bloodthirsty killers.
A boy is transported through a bathroom to suddenly become the leader of a demonic magical tribe.
A socially awkward military maniac turns a giant bear into a machine to protect the girl he has been assigned to.
A young wizard joins a lively, destructive wizards' guild.
A masochist meets a God and cannot resist his impulses.
Two singers and a pilot are part of a colony trying to find a habitat in the centre of the Milky Way.
A hero with powers of extreme hair manipulation attempts to bring justice against his tyrannical empire with his friends.
A client pays a dream master to search for their nightmares, which manifest in real life.
An intelligent boy meets a girl falling from the sky, to whom a contract is formed. She fights against others for him as part of a competition.
A girl with cephalopods for hair attempts to invade mankind, but instead must work as a waitress for breaking a wall.
A pair of princesses investigate the decline of a star that would eventually destroy their planet.
Two affectionate stepsisters lust after their younger brother.
A pastry chef hopeful becomes involved in a team who investigate mutated monsters in Tokyo.
A boy forms a contract with a demon in order to seek vengeance.
A daughter of a scientist is involved in a freak accident on her birthday. Her body is dispersed into two sentient life forms.
A fallen prince seeks revenge against his tyrannical father using compulsion.
A human may trade their soul in order to destroy a person of their choice.
A male student finds cute creature in his fridge and decides to keep it. He then discovers another creature which appears to be similar, but is aggressively antisocial.
A vampire must bite others in order to expel the blood that she overproduces.
An orphan meets a cat spirit samurai who swears to defend him from the supernatural.
A child prodigy becomes a teacher whose class is interrupted by space aliens occasionally.
Two girls join a group which hunt down viruses, or demons.
A queen of her species slaughters all who change her from her initially childish personality.
A former businessman adjusts to his new life as a pirate mercenary in a deadly city.
The grand-daughter of a billionaire is pursued by those who want her inheritance. A masked maid must defend her.
A middle-school girl lives and works at a newspaper office around charming men.
A god of destruction promises that its child will destroy the world soon. In response, a family attempts to teach its' children about love to prevent the prophecy's occurrence.

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