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What Type of Diapers Did Buddy Wear?
One of the Elf's main food groups?
One of the Elf's main food groups?
One of the Elf's main food groups?
One of the Elf's main food groups?
What did 'fake' Santa smell like?
Who is Buddy's Dad?
Where Did his Dad Work?
Actor of Buddy?
Name of Buddy's Brother?
What did Buddy chug a whole bottle of?
The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing...
What Christmas song does Jovie start singing to try to help spread Christmas cheer?
What does Buddy's brother Michael want for Christmas?
In Buddy's farewell note to Walter, Emily and Michael, what does he apologize for cramming into the VCR?
Where does Jovie take Buddy to see a big beautiful Christmas tree?
What does Buddy craft from the wooden furniture in his bedroom?
Jon Favreau, the director of 'Elf' makes a cameo appearance in what role?
What was Buddy's mother's name?
What did it say on the wall of the prison cell, to the left of Buddy?
Who was the intercom lady at Buddy's dad's office?

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