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In what year did BTS debut?
What is BTS's debut album?
Who is the oldest member?
Who is the youngest member/maknae?
Who is the leader?
Who is the choreography leader?
What was Rap Monster's underground rapper name?It starts with an 'R'.
What was Suga's underground rapper name?It starts with a 'G'
Which members are from Busan?
What does AHL stand for?
Which single gave BTS their first win?
How many members have the same surname?
In what year was Jin born?
Who was born in the same year as Rap Monster?
Which member is obsessed with red converse highs?
Which member has a Mario collection?
Aside from black and brown, what is the hair color that all seven members have had during promotions?It is not blonde.
Whose birthday is in March?
Whose birthday is in the same month as Rap Monster's?
In which show did Suga confess to 'borrowing' Jungkook's underwear?
Who is friends with Ken from VIXX?
Who is friends with Jackson from Got7?
Who made friends in the toilet with Sungjae from BTOB?
Which member has a dog nammed Jjangu?
Which member has an older sister?They have joked that she looks just like him, except with longer hair.
Who has the nickname Chimchim?
Who was on student council as a student?
Who has rhinitis?
What is J-Hope's favorite color?He was wearing a blazer of this color for a performance of 'Boyz with Fun.'
Which 'piano' game have the members been seen playing in Bangtan Bombs?
Which member has Jimin called 'Mom'?
Which K-pop star with her own YouTube channel has made a shout-out to BTS?What the Pineapple!
What are Jimin and V known as?
What are Jimin, V, and J-Hope known as?
Where did BTS go for their summer package 2015?J-Hope's infamous snake moment occurred here.
What is the CEO of BTS's company known as?
Name one variety show BTS had on V-APP in 2015.
Which dance features Jimin running on the members backs?
Which member had an appendectomy during promotions in Japan?
Name a group BTS has collaborated with during MAMA.
Which member of EXO has V been said to look like?
Who could have had the stage name 'Seagull'?
Who cannot handle roller coasters?
Which girl group (not soloist) did BTS collab with for a CF in 2016?Rough
Which female soloist did BTS collab with to make an SK Telecom CF?Jungkook imitated her during an interview.
Which member of AOA has Jungkook imitated?
Which member has a unique way of waking up Jungkook in the morning?
Which member was known as widely searched as 'car door guy?'MelOn Music Awards
Who claims to have legs better than SNSD?
Which member will be the first of the members to appear in a drama?'

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