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Can you guess the answers to these COD zombies questions?

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XM-53 Pack A Punch name
Dimension in which Shadows of Evil takes place
Codename for Russian Mangler Project
Number of grief maps on Black Ops 2
Last name of the Mexican test subject
Group that operated at the Rising Sun facility
Original map name of Der Eisendrache
Name one of the most expensive perks
Name a BO3 gun that didn't appear in Zombies (non DLC)
How many wonder-weapons have appeared in every zombies game
Name a character in Verruckt that isn't Dempsey
Creator of the Scavenger
Map with most letters in its name
Wallgun on the Tranzit bus
Country where Buried takes place
Which map was the first to have more than one power switch
Who created the MPD
Zetsubou No Shima main quest achievement name
Number of bows on Der Eisendrache
Name of the CIA handler associated with Peter McCain
Creator of the Denizens
How many water types are there on Zetsubou No Shina
Which gun has the Pack a Punch name 1001 samurais
What perk features only on Buried
How many gobblegums directly give you a max ammo
Name of the Mob of the Dead plane
Number of skulls you have to find for the Void Bow upgrade
Name one of the alternating perks at area 51
Which Origins staff requires parts from the three robots
Name of the DLC pack that featured Call of the Dead
How many objects must you throw the Summoning Key at during the Revelations easter egg
In Shadows of Evil, what district is the Ruby Rabbit in
Shi No Numa easter egg song
What is the number of levels in a prestige
Max numbers of arrows for an upgraded bow
Name of the comic strip that Al Arlington made
In what year does Die Rise take place
What does P.E.S. stand for in Moon
Number of Sophia's challenges in the Gorod Krovi easter egg
How much damage does the 31-71 JGB 215 do
Bonus Question- How do you say owned in Russian

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