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Main Character father of 3
Main Character Blue hair
Main Character catch phrase 'eat my shorts'
Main Character very smart
Main Character does not speak
Father of 3's Dad
Father of 3's Dad
Blue hair red glasses
sister of Main character who has blue hair
sister of Main Character who has blue hair
Clown's sidekick
Clown's old sidekick
Clown's monkey
main Characters Christian neighbor
Christian neighbor's wife (Now Dead
Christian neighbor's kid
Christian neighbor's kid
bar owner
drunk person always at bar
news reporter
father of 3's boss
father of 3's boss left hand man
father of 3's work buddy
father of 3's work buddy
Shop owner
cartoon character (the mouse)
cartoon character (the cat)
Head of polices son
Head head of police
owns comic store
doctor that laugh a lot
Doctor that always says 'Hi everybody'
A robber
Head of the elementary school
Head of the elementary schools Mother
teacher at school
When he comes into a room he always says 'SKINNER'
Bus driver
The scottish Janitor
Smart guy in Barts class
Twin in Barts class
Twin in Barts class
guy dressed as a bumblebee
The Mayor
Lisa's teacher
Music teacher
Main bully
Bully with hat
Police man
Police man
German kid
Has lots of cats
Old man
Has Mole in his name
Rhymes with Click
He is Crazy and Old and a man
Says yes a lot
The judge
Fat guy in the mafia
In mafia
In Mafia
Lisa's idol (Now dead
Hated Homer (Now dead
The Church minister
Church Ministers wife
Loved Marge
Italian Cook

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