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Can you name the sci-fi movies by their misleading description?

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An eclectic group of dreamers meet a poor little rich boy and try to change how he feels about losing his father
A former soldier tries to find someone in the Big Apple but is frequently distracted by the colorful locals and their interesting lifestyle choices
A rambunctious alien child invites itself aboard a human cargo ship; a memorable game of hide-and-seek follows
Lax operating standards in a laboratory lead a scientist to change the way he lives his life
Poor product design leads to trouble for a manufacturer and one exasperated policeman
A company attempts to solve the Earth's ecological woes; unhelpful aliens interfere with the task
An astronaut shows a civilization the errors of its prejudiced ways but discovers that the ways of his own people aren't always perfect
A New Yorker has trouble getting along with his neighbors, especially at night
A robot with a funny accent goes looking for a woman in eighties Los Angeles
A well-meaning computer's attempt to fulfill its mission runs afoul of a human crew with other plans
A visitor tries to blend in with the crew of an Antarctic base but find attempts to become one of the guys is met with suspicion and resistance
A couple tries to have a good day at an amusement park and is thwarted by faulty ride management
A child's attempt to find his parents leads to misunderstandings on a galactic scale
A group of hipster Manhattanites find their plans for the night completely overturned thanks to an unexpected visit from an out of towner
A young man's desire for a car involves him in a philosophical dispute between two metalheads
A bewildered teenage boy fends off his mother's disturbing and unnatural attraction to him
A lonely programmer discovers he's spending more time in a massive multiplayer online game than he ever suspected
Humans and aliens engage in a dispute over resource management
An interloper endangers the life of a small boy in a desperate attempt to get home
A cop joins the immigration service and loses his sense of identity and his place in the universe
An employee at a garbage dump abandons his job to pursue a woman he's just met

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