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DreamMovieYear Released
A city folds in on itself2010
A surfer battles the biggest wave to hit the coast since 19461982
The main character meets Jim Morrison and a 'weird naked Indian'1993
The dreamer imagines a more perfect LA, losing a movie role, and of a creepy figure behind a dumpster2001
Clowns try to resuscitate the dreamer's bike1985
Dreamer finds herself no longer in middle America1939
The dreamer enters the antagonist's dream and is trying to deduce the location of a kidnapping victim2000
The dreamer's hands have become absurdly giant2006
A striped murderer with claws kills the dreamer in the dream (and in reality)1984
DreamMovieYear Released
To save Fantasia, a boy gets help from a 'luckdragon'1984
A man flies through lofty clouds trying to find his love interest, when buildings shoot up from the ground. He is confronted by a samurai1985
A miser is confronted by three ghosts1951
When a wife confronts her husband about his drinking problems, he responds by explaining it's because of all the people he killed during the war2010
After he returns from war, the dreamer sees faceless people in random places1990
The dreamer's family is attacked by Nazis with monstrous faces1981
The dreamer flies over a city at night, bowling ball in hand1998
A woman, looking through a fence at a playground, where her and her child are playing, anticipates the (almost) end of humanity1991

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